Virtual Course

Level V – Advanced Management and Leadership Essentials

To enable managers and senior managers of CPA firms to continue developing management and leadership skills necessary to be successful in their firms. This course was built as a next stage learning program beyond the nontechnical people management awareness covered in AHI’s previous Level IV course, “Supervisory: Management and Leadership Essentials.” Our Level V course highlights leadership skills and situations that are common for managers and senior managers in CPA firms. Participants will be encouraged to examine and challenge their beliefs and approaches to managing and leading people.

Start Time
DateDay of WeekHrs/DayETCTMTPT
December 12, 2022Mon5.510:00 AM9:00 AM8:00 AM7:00 AM
December 13, 2022Tues5.510:00 AM9:00 AM8:00 AM7:00 AM
December 14, 2022Wed5.510:00 AM9:00 AM8:00 AM7:00 AM


Dec 12 - 14 2022
Steve Garrett

Discussion Leader

Steve Garrett

How to Get Group Pricing

“Group” is loosely defined and does not require participants to be at the same firm or to sign up at the same time.  It means people linked in any way, including people you might refer to a course.  The final group size is determined at the time enrollment closes (24 hours before the course begins) and any discounts are given to everyone in that group based on that final group size.

We track this using the “help us identify your group for discounts” cell on the next page.  We will group you with others if any of the following happen:

  • They put your name in their “help us identify your group for discounts” cell
  • You put their name in your “help us identify your group for discounts” cell
  • You both put a firm name or some other made-up name (Group XYZ) in your “help us identify your group for discounts” cell
  • Any other thing you can think of to help us understand that you are connected with other(s)


Bob Taylor signs up for a course at standard price.  Bob leaves “help us identify your group for discounts” cell blank.  A week later he mentions the course to coworker Amy Smith who signs up.  Amy writes “Bob Taylor” in the “help us identify your group for discounts” cell.  They are now in a group of two.

Amy pings her friend Jim Anderson from ABC Accounting and two weeks later Jim and two of his colleagues sign up for the course.  Jim puts “Amy Smith” under “help us identify your group for discounts.”  One of his colleagues writes “Jim Anderson” in their “help us identify your group for discounts” cell and the other one write “ABC Accounting.”

When enrollment closes, we link up the groups.  In the case above, the group size is five (Bob, Amy, Jim and Jim’s two colleagues) and all five get the discounted group rate of $595.



Price Before Quantity Discounts

Pricing – Group Pricing

Cost for 16-hour course is $675.  However, this rate goes down as the group size increases, as follows:


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